Are you ready for it ???

Come May and every body who has confirmed there admission starts making plans to travel to USA for joining their Fall semester. In your enthusiasm for preparing to travel USA and start a new chapter of your life are you sure are you not missing anything ? Remember one ground rule in your preparation “EARLIER THE BETTER”. Don’t procrastinate and start doing it now. Having a check list definitely helps a lot. Below I have listed some important points which you should take care before you board your flight to USA.

1) Health : Health insurance system in USA is bit tricky. For some one travelling from abroad, he/she may take time to understand the system. Specially dental and vision insurance is almost considered as privileged. In such scenario while you do rounds of doctors clinic to get your immunization form done, don’t forget to get some extra checkup done to make sure there are no surprises and you don’t incur unnecessary cost. Remember its your home country you also have all kind of support system in place so why not take advantage of it. Get more information on

2) Learn to Cook : I couldn’t stress importance of cooking more. You MUST learn to cook and feed for yourself. In your initial days you might enjoy going out to eat, but by the end of month you will realize that your restaurant bill is longer than your college tuition bill. So save yourself from that agony and learn to cook. Learn to cook that is simple, fast and something that you can even carry to college in lunch box. I am not against going out totally, but use your best judgement and knowing to cook is a nice option to have. Check out the webite below for more than 4000+ recipes for students ….

3) Home/Student pad: My friend has already written an excellent post on tips to find housing so I am not going to harp more about it. I would only say onething plan early and also do plan where you are going to stay from day you drop in USA and when your rental/lease/dorm is available. You dont want to spend precious dollars on hotel. In case if you have missed the post earlier here is the link below.

4) Travel Plan: Travelling details is big part of planning for many international students, specially if its for the first time to USA. Again plan early. Look for flight which allows two check-in bags (23kg each) rather one. Some flights offer students discount take advantage of that and save some money. I know one of my friend was sent back from airport and has to book his ticket in emergency by paying extra money. Save your self from that misery and confirm flight details. Don’t over stuff your baggage specially if you are from India. Airlines might make you open the luggage and remove some stuff. Document should always go with you in carry on luggage, not the check-in luggage. Know what is allowed and what is not in USA and only carry that. Save your self from custom hassle. Again if you are from India, No MANGOES please.


5) Cultural : Save yourself from the cultural shock and get acquainted with the local culture of USA before hand. I wont say more on it just watch the video from columbia business school.

5) Last but not the least: For tech savvy people below are the links which you can use to see if you can find some usefull apps for students.

Also refer to the sites below:



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